Watercolor Brushes

There's sooo many watercolor brushes out there. How to choose the right brushes for your painting?

Brushes just like paints are a personal preference. It really depends on what you are going to be painting. If your thing is landscapes, I suggest to have flat brushes like 1" maybe 3/4, you can also use angular brushes 1/2, 3/4. To paint landscapes you want to have a flat brush to paint the sky, fields, sometimes even trees or flowers. You want to also have a smaller round brush like 0 or 1, then 4 or 6. It's much easier to paint smaller details.

A Script Liner also called a Rigger brush is one of my essentials. It's a long thing brush that I cannot live without :)

It helps me to paint grass, flowers, trees but also animals... their fur, hair, whiskers etc.

I paint a little bit of everything. I suggest to never limit yourself. It's very easy to get comfortable and stick to one subject to paint. Yes, you will master that one subject like marine scenes or botanicals, but what happens when you want to paint an animal? You may feel lost, because it's easy to forget and all your skills have been altered to only paint let's say flowers or cars. I think to grow as an artist it's important to always push yourself, challenge yourself, try new things. It will help you to be more creative and find your own style of painting with watercolors.

I want you to feel confident that you can paint anything! so you can follow all my painting tutorials on youtube :)

Below are screenshots. In the first one I am showing what my spatter brush looks like.

In the picture below I'm holding a Round 12 "Black Velvet" brush next to a "Crystal" Round brush size 2.

If you don't have a brush like the "black velvet" with a long thin end you can just use a smaller round brush for smaller strokes.

Please note that before you will start painting the "Lavender Fields" I will have a lot of exercise videos, right after this.

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