Trailer for Lavender Fields in Watercolors

Hi Everyone :)

Thank you so much for enrolling in this online class how to paint landscapes - "Lavender Fields".

In this class I will be showing you few techniques how to add layers on top of the initial layers, how to create a smooth background while painting wet on wet and blending colors at the same time. I will be showing you how to spatter and when to spatter, either wet on dry or wet on wet and what is wet on wet or wet on dry.

There's no real pencil sketches as most of my landscapes don't require pencil sketches. However for the Exercise No.6 Video I did attach a rough pencil sketch. It's just couple lines to give you an idea where I placed them. I will be also showing you how you can paint simple birds in Exercise No.6. This is totally optional in case you would like to add couple birds into your final painting.

Lastly please do not worry about not having some of the art supplies. I do paint with specific paints and use Arches papers but it's also important to feel comfortable with your own supplies. Paints and papers or even brushes are such a personal choice. There are color swatches included and you can easily match with whichever colors you already have.

Have fun my Friends :)

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