List of Supplies needed for this Painting

In this section you will find a list of all supplies you will need to follow along in this painting but please don't worry if you don't have some of these colors or Holbein Watercolors at all. You can just try to match with what you already have.

Color "Gold" is absolutely optional. I love adding it to my paintings because it does add that natural glow to the sand.

White Gouache is important to create the "sea foam". Please keep in mind that Gouache is also a watercolor but instead of being transparent, it's opaque.

I like White Gouache better vs regular transparent watercolor white, because it shows more on a paper, it's also more creamy and milky like.

If you don't have certain brushes, you can just try to use similar ones. For example if you don't have an angular brush, a flat brush would be fine too. If you don't have small round brushes, but for example only large round brushes, you can still use them but you will need to paint only with the pointy end part of the brush to create smaller strokes for the sea foam.

Watercolor paper is your foundation in watercolor painting. I highly recommend to only paint on professional grade watercolor papers. Student grade papers are very discouraging to beginners because they do not absorb paint and water properly. They often rip, warp, buckle, are very hard to control and the colors end up looking faded... no matter how many layers you put on.

I recommend Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper 140lb. This is a great Watercolor Paper for beginners. Cold Pressed is the easiest to paint on because it has a slight texture, a texture that's forgiving when you make small mistakes.

Below is a photo of my working table. I like having a towel where I can wipe my brush, also a jar with water right above my painting.

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