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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for joining my online school!

My name is Maria and I have a YouTube Channel where I share short painting videos but this Online Class and all other ones on Teachable are very different. Here I share everything I know about painting with watercolors.

My online classes are in FULL Version/Real Time with Voiceovers, some with exercises, 1:1 painting with me as I talk you through the entire time!

In this "Ocean Painting Class" I talk about basic things such as watercolor paper/paints/colors/creating a palette; mixing colors/my favorite colors to paint water; brushes; adding layers, creating contrast; dry brushing technique to create a sea foam; creating more vibrancy especially once we have our first layer in, how do we go about it without disturbing the previous layer...

We will be switching back and forth between "Wet on Wet" and "Wet on Dry" techniques to create certain layers but mostly I will be showing you how I create the depth in the ocean water.

I talk about my reference photo and I explain how I choose colors, paper and brushes.

I believe this class is much easier because seascapes in general don't require much detail. There's a lot of spontaneous "strokes" and you can use simple technique such as "dry brushing" using a "rigger/script liner" brush to create a sea foam or a stiffer brush to "spatter paint" for some extra texture on the sand.

All we need is patience and time💕🌸☺️

You can also download my pencil sketch in case you would like to trace it or use it as a reference.

There's a FREE Class available - "Free watercolor tips" - don't forget to enroll :)

Thank you so much and have fun painting!


Please read all terms of use as well. Scroll down to the bottom.

Your Instructor

Maria Raczynska
Maria Raczynska

Hi Everyone!

My name is Maria and I’m a self taught artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

I did a little bit of drawing back in 2003 but I did not really start painting until 2011. What got me in 2011 was the idea of creating my own children’s books. I went to an art store and decided to buy supplies. I loved the idea of using paint and brushes.

I got my first set of Reeves and Cotman watercolor tubes. Now, why did I choose brushes and tubes over pencils or pastels...? Well I did grow up with a mom who’s an oil artist. I watched her paint through my entire childhood but I was never drawn to do it myself. Now when I look at my work and style I think some of the brush strokes and techniques have been captured in my mind from watching my mother but also the fact that she was using paint brushes and oils in tubes.

I never liked the smell of it and the mess I remember all over the floor and perhaps this is why I chose Watercolors because they seem “cleaner”. I also liked the idea of using “water” and watercolor paper which makes it even more simple.

I didn’t have any experience. No professional training. I just started to sketch then using paint out of tubes. At first I’d use a lot of paint almost no water, I’d paint like I remember my mother painting with oils. Then I started adding water and realized that water makes more sense.

I started practicing a lot and getting better as I was getting more feel of the paint and water. I do have to say that I started off with one of the best watercolor papers out there. While I was shopping I was looking for the smoothest watercolor paper I could find. I had no idea about the texture. I didn’t even want to think about the texture but today I absolutely love Rough, Cold Pressed and all the pounds that come with it!

The only smooth paper I found was Arches Hot Pressed Watercolor paper Pad 9X12. I actually started with a more difficult paper to work with (without knowing it) because when you don’t have the texture you do have to work more on details. You can’t easily get away with small mistakes like painting on Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper that has a texture. I got better with my second children’s book. I published it on Amazon. Today when I look at it.. it’s such a huge difference between my art now and then. I’m very happy with what I have accomplished. I only did two books then some greeting cards. I got bored with it and didn’t have much motivation to continue painting.

In 2014 I lost my twin brother due to suicide. This was the most tragic event that happened in my life.

A month later I started going through my brother’s saved photo albums and was analyzing everything he did in his last days. I tried to understand every photo he had. Beautiful photos of forests, animals.. basically things you see me painting today, but his were more mysterious and sad. I started recreating these photos in my paintings with Watercolors.

I pushed myself very hard and to use this medium on different “watercolor surfaces”. I started with wooden panels with proper watercolor groundings, different textures like cold Pressed, Rough.

This has become my healing therapy. Painting everyday and pouring my feelings onto the paper.

Then one day a friend of mine saw my artwork and mentioned about having my own YouTube channel. I saw few painting videos and thought maybe I could try that one day. A year later Jan 2016 I did my first video on YouTube I didn’t get much traffic until August 2016. This is when my channel took off. I also started painting in a different way.

Today my art is completely different to when I first started.

Today I love Watercolors for their transparency and vibrancy of colors. I never thought Watercolors can be so colorful and looking so rich on a paper.

I taught myself how to paint and how to create these vibrant layers.

All the techniques that go with it. Now I share my videos every week on my YouTube Channel. Pictures on my Instagram, website etc. I also have weekly tutorials with voiceovers on Patreon

But Teachable has giving me a chance to create more detailed classes.

Here I talk while I am painting where I want you to feel as if you are sitting right next to me.

I invite you to be part of my watercolor class and find your own style of painting with Watercolors. Painting is a pleasure and should never be a struggle.

I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. YOU CAN PAINT ANYTHING!

Course Curriculum

  Ocean Water in Watercolor
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  Ocean Reference Photo
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  Art Supplies
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  Close up Photos
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  Pencil Sketch
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  Washi Tape
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  Creating our Color Palette
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  Ocean Painting Process
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Available in days
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